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Captain America WWII  (topic)
Hi I'm new to the site and I'm trying to make a WWII Captain America costume based from the movie that came out recently. I need help with finding the materials to make the costume and shield. I'd like to be movie accurate and if you...
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05/03/12 04:34:17
What I wish Captain America looked like in Avengers - Pics!  (topic)
I don't hate the movie version but feel like it could be better-more like the comics. I took the recent pic from the movie and took it into photoshop and made some changes (improvements). I wish they would see this and make some...
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02/28/12 21:26:53
CAPTAIN AMERICA and RED SKULL costume pics  (topic)
Hey guys!Here is my brother and I as Red Skull and Captain America. Both costumes were done on the very cheap, so not to the quality I have seen from the rest of you, but it will work for a few hours of fun tomorrow night.
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10/30/11 22:04:38
Well, you knew this was coming....   Like many of you, I just finished my First Avenger Captain America costume, and now such great and highly detailed pictures from his costume, as seen in the Avengers have popped up. ...
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07/21/11 22:41:01
Help with Sewing Captain America TFA movie suit patterns etc  (topic)
Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me with sewing pattern for Captain America movie suit?Is there an actual usable pattern for at least a point of reference?
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07/15/11 20:20:10
Captain America TFA Movie Suit- Specifically Material/Fabric - Questions, thoughts...  (topic)
My humble apologies in advance for any ignorance as I am admittedly a rookie...but this suit is somewhat perplexing.I was wondering if anyone had noticed the differences in material depending on the angle of the pic and/or lighting etc...
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07/13/11 03:40:27
Question about the Captain America Movie Suit  (topic)
Hi everyone, I am trying to put together a Captain America TFA movie suit and am new to costuming, I have some ideas which I am going to be trying you know, trial and error, but I am running out of you think I should risk...
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06/12/11 23:08:37
PunisherNC's Ultimate Captain Helmet  (topic)
Been working on this a little for PunisherNC. Hope he likes the progress.  Just wanted to post a few pics to get everyone worked up into a rabid frenzy before I bondo it and sand it tomorrow lol.  Here's a link to the...
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06/09/10 06:51:53
Ultimate Captain America (not even started yet) and Im new so Hi  (topic)
Hi everybody I found this site last night while trying to found how to best make my costume, you guys have a great site and im very happy that I get to be apart of it. My first project is going to be to make this Ultimate Captain America...
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11/18/09 00:19:28
Captain America James Bucky Barnes (pics)  (topic)
Hey people, just finished my Captain America outfit although i need to find gloves tomorrow
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10/30/09 02:20:15
In time for halloween?!? New Captain America  (topic)
Hey folks, just wanted to show what im working on for Halloween, (hopefully I'll be done) This is only in the preliminary stages. It still needs a lot of work, i still need to find the boots and get to the military surplus to...
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10/24/09 01:59:54
Captain America costume  (topic) Copy and paste the link above to check out my newest costume. I only need to add the wings and make a shield and I'm good to kick some Nazi ass!!! lol ~MikeydeeBee
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05/07/08 03:46:33